The Longevity of the Power Rangers

The year was 1995 and I was in midst of a Power Ranger infatuation. I like most 10 year old girls I knew watched the Power Rangers religiously and so when the new movie came out we were sure to see it. The details of the film have slipped my memory but somehow I still remember going to see it. It seems like the trend lately but I am so happy that my kids are enjoying shows that I used to watch as a kid. I don’t know if they are impressed with the shows longevity or by the fact that I was once into the same stuff they are currently into. Either way they were both super thrilled to get the new Power Rangers Time Force Complete Series DVD set and have both disappeared to watch in their playroom. Power Rangers Time Force: The Complete Series On February 9,… View Post

The Hub of our “Fuller House”

In November of 2012 we purchased and subsequently moved into our first home. It was a magical time in out lives…I am lying. It was a horrible time where we ripped up the floors and demolished our kitchen all while having 2 small kids running around. Times were the most stressful they have ever been and our relationship was in a place where we both wanted to give up. Buying a house and renovating will do that to you. Discovering you are expecting baby #3 a month into this adventure will make you want to reconnect and figure things out and fast. As important as appliances and back splashes were I was now frantically searching for a couch that would accommodate our growing family. At this stage in life I look for 2 things when it comes to furniture—it must be big enough to seat us all and it has… View Post

Join the #NoHairSelfie Movement to Support Cancer Research #TwitterParty

The older I get the more I am aware of the big C-word. CANCER. It is everywhere yet it is not talked about enough. It is almost as if, if we don’t talk about it maybe we can keep it at bay. Well we need to talk. We need to donate. We need to help find a cure. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is one I have supported for many years. As one of the top cancer research centre’s in the world I am proud to lend my voice to help them find a cure. On February 4th we will be celebrating World Cancer Day 2016. Participants all over the world will be shaving their heads in order to bring awareness and raise money to support the cause. Looking for a way to join in? Head over to the No Hair Selfie website and see all the ways you can… View Post

Pregnancy is NOT For Me

My uterus is clocking out for good. It has played its part and given me four healthy babies. It has grown and protected them when they were most vulnerable and for that I will forever be happy. I just never want it to happen again.  You see there are some people who glow from within while pregnant. They do yoga and drink some healthy smoothies in the morning all while basking in the miracle of growing a child. Then there are people who spend 40 weeks sleeping on a couch because they have no energy, who get severe anxiety that needs to be medicated, who feel like they are being leached off of for the duration of the pregnancy. I am this person. I hate being pregnant. There I said it. I mean it too! I have mental health issues that I have become very good at handling without medication.… View Post

Skating Season…You Ready?

Skating…it is the season for skating. As a small girl I would look forward to my local rink opening up and we would go weekly. I like to think I was fantastic but truth-be-told I was mediocre and I never did figure out how to stop. MEH My cousin, sister and I spent way too many weekends watching Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding and Elvis Stoyko battling it out. This was pre-scandal and honestly I didn’t really care at the time. Sore loser Tanya Harding was still triple-axeling her way to my heart. She was bad-ass. * Fast forward to 2012 and my two oldest were 3 & 4 years old. They were going to be the next Oksana Baiul and Wayne Gretzky. They were going to be so into sports that involved skates and my husband and I would be happily waking up for 5 AM skate times to build… View Post