Massive Mother’s Day Gift Guide {Giveaway}

Dear whomever is reading this, You are most likely looking for a gift for A. your mom (or mom figure) B. Your Wife (or partner) or C. Both. You have come to the right place as this is an amazing Mother’s Day Gift Guide filled with something for everyone. Take a look around and let me know what your favourite item is on the guide. You *may* be able to win it 🙂 Massive Mother’s Day Gift Guide AspenClean AspenClean is for that mom who needs a little help with the housework but is not willing to sacrifice taking care of the environment in the process. Leading the group of eco-conscious maid services you can bet your bottom dollar that any mom mould be more than thrilled to receive a clean house-sans cleaning it herself. AspenClean services Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto areas with housekeeping and maid services and you can… View Post

Mother’s Day Movie {Giveaway}

Mother’s Day is the one day where I wish it was all about me but to be honest it never is. My husband’s birthday is always celebrated on Mother’s Day and as much as I want to make it about me I don’t. What I will be doing this year though is taking my mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s to the movies to watch the new movie “Mother’s Day” when it comes out on April 29, 2016. Starring some of my favourite actors such as Jeniffer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Jason Sudeikis, and directed by the same guy who did Valentines Day and Pretty Woman (Garry Marshall), you can bet this is a classic chick flick. Following three generations of moms as they navigate through life in the week before Mother’s Day and also weaving in the story line of Bradley, a single dad. I love comedies with a healthy… View Post

Mother’s Day Gift Guide {US Giveaway}

So excited to join Mommy Scene and bring you this amazing gift guide and giveaway. Mother’s Day is coming up! We’re celebrating moms everywhere with these Mother’s Day gift ideas from Mommy Scene. These awesome brands offer a wide variety of gifts perfect to pamper the wonderful mom in your life. Plus enter to win one of these featured gifts! 1. Back Buddy Support Pillow The original award-winning Back Buddy Support Pillow – designed by a Chiropractor and a nursing mother. Alleviates common back pain during and after pregnancy, and encourages proper position for breastfeeding. Made in the USA from high-quality structural foam that is certified to be made without harmful PBDE’s, phthalates, CFC’s, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. The perfect gift for any new or expectant mom! 2. Us+Four Tees or Tanks Perfect gift for the special mom in your life. Us+Four offers style and comfort with… View Post

No Need to Compromise

I absolutely can’t handle it when my kids are fighting. I say this but I am also letting you know they don’t fight often. We have brought them up to share and that boys & girls play with the same toys and in return, we have some pretty good kids. Two things will make them fight though 100% are one not wanting to fight when the others do and TV choices. Without a doubt on any given day you can hear my shouting from the kitchen “agree on a show or I’m shutting it off.” Shutting off the TV is one of my best threats, but I act on it at least a few times a week. Since we have a two-year-old in the house it is not always easy to get everyone to agree to her choices though. She has a pretty clear-cut idea of what her shows are… View Post

Summer Fashion from Giant Tiger {Giveaway}

A few weeks ago I got to enjoy a lovely evening in downtown Toronto and check out the new women’s fashion coming out of Giant Tiger. No, you didn’t read that wrong, Giant Tiger has women’s fashion and it is fantastic. While I have stopped into Giant Tiger before to grab baby stuff it never occurred to me to look at the clothes because let’s be honest, I haven’t heard about them having good clothes, let alone in Plus size like I need. So there were a few things that happened when I went to the Giant Tiger event. My eyes were opened to the three lines of women’s wear that they were carrying and I was blown away that they were hip, stylish and most of all affordable. We may not be struggling when it comes to our finances but I often feel guilty when it comes time to… View Post