National Coffee Day is Around the Corner

Coffee, that is life. I didn’t always drink coffee. I started in college in 2009 drinking extra large 4×4 with a shot of hazelnut. It was not even coffee but essentially a thick syrupy beverage that allowed me to fit in with the other students. I caved to peer pressure and at that time it still was the the life source it is now. It took time and more kids, more work, later bedtimes and earlier wake ups. It took a few years to develop into what it is now. LOVE I drink my coffee black, cold, a day old, any which way I can get it. When my eyes flutter open in the morning the first thought that crosses my mind is that hot cup of java. My oldest has now taken on a very important role of making sure his parents are caffeinated. This makes mornings so much… View Post

Things My Husband Does…Did…Will Do Again

My husband has had surgery last week and I just realized how much he does around here, because he no longer does it. I am now tasked in doing things that I have not done in years and so I want to give a shout-out to the men and all they do, even though I still feel like the weight of the family sits on the mom’s shoulders. I have always said my husband is a better parent than me. He is 5 years my senior and that five years has given him patience and understanding that I just don’t possess…yet. What I failed to notice was that he is a very hands-on partner in life as well. He helps out with everything over here, no task is “woman’s work” and we have a great groove going. I underestimated this man. Not wanting to worry anyone last week my husband… View Post

For the Love of Disney…Now on Netflix

When I first came to Canada I was blessed with a friend who was three years my senior and somehow put up with a five-year-old who spoke no English. Her name was Jessica and she introduced me to a handful of bad things but she also introduced me to something magical–Disney. It was at the end of 1991 when she took me to see my first film at the theatres–Beauty and the Beast. I was hooked something fierce and I can still sing along to all of the songs much to the dismay and dirty looks from my kids. It is only natural that my love for Disney films has continued on through the years and that I share that love with my family. I will always agree to finish the movie even if we are long past bedtime.  Disney on Netflix As we have no cable and rely very… View Post

Schick® Intuition® Razor Rate & Review Program

Tis the season for PSLs, tights, and warm knits. It’s also the time I stop shaving because short season is so last week and I don’t have time for the unnecessary steps of shaving when no one who will judge me will see my fuzzy legs. As much as that sounds like the right thing to do I am wondering if I should switch things up this year and put the ban on winter “fuzz”. I can’t imagine it is adding enough protection to actually keep me warmer and my hubby may like to snuggle up to someone who doesn’t feel like sasquatch. Schick® Intuition® Razor I have no shame in telling you that I prefer men’s razors. I have spent what seems like forever using what hubby had laying around and because we always seemed to have a small mountain in the hall closet I never even thought twice… View Post

Halifax: Our Favourite Places Along the Boardwalk

Being as Halifax is located on the water you can bet we spent most of our time exploring the boardwalk. After breakfast, we would either walk down from the Lord Nelson Hotel where we were staying or drive if we were particularly full.   The Halifax Boardwalk First thing first, if you are in Halifax you HAVE TO check out The Bicycle Thief restaurant. It says it’s “North American Food with Italian Soul” but it can only be classified as delicious. So good that I ate not only my own but finished my sister’s and mom’s plates (they pulled the diet card) and then ordered two dishes to go so that hubby and the kids could eat it too. It was so good that I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of the dishes before I dug in so I tweeted to them and they sent me… View Post