The Smells In My House

Lampe Berger
My house smells! There I said it, now we can move on to my reasons (excuses?). It is not that my house smells horrible but it does smell like we live there. There is 5 people living here, a 80 pound dog lives here, and we have a tendency to cook foods with spices we can barely pronounce. During the summer warm weather I like to open all of the windows and get all of the bad air out but during the colder weather I find it difficult to get enough fresh air flowing through our home. The air in Read more [...]

DIY Tulle Dress

Tulle dress tutorial
Have you seen the beautiful tulle dresses on the internet, I have and I also saw their price tags. I have a princess in my house, one that wants to dress up and put make-up on. She has boxes of dress up clothes and although the princess dresses are beautiful she needed something for an event we were going to and I decided to make it myself. The thing is I don't sew (not well) and I knew what I wanted so I got to thinking I could make it myself. I bought the tulle, ribbon and strap on sale Read more [...]

DIY Mattress Cleaner

Dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mattress stain remover
This is an old post but as cold and flu season is coming up I think it is time that the mattress cleaner/stain remover gets a refresher and re post. Last year after one too many "accidents" my husband and I were debating getting a new bed because with 3 kids there have been "more" than a couple of accidents but  with some searching of the web I figured out how to clean the mattress, and by clean I dont just mean smell good, I mean the stains and germs are gone too. Something I want to point Read more [...]

Baby Bump #4 Week 1-15

Ultrasound of fetus at 15 weeks
Baby number 4 is on the way, and the past 15 weeks has been eventful. My doctor jokingly calls this baby the Neglected Fetus, and I am willing to admit that there is no app on my phone telling me when my baby moves from being an olive to an orange. With 3 miscarriages in 8 months the missed period was not something I was excited about. I didn't buy a test at first because I was expecting another loss. I was fed up with getting excited only to be devastated by another loss. I never had any issues Read more [...]

My Son Does Not Approve Of My Political Choices

election sign
It seems my son does not approve of my political choices. I have been having some weird stuff happen on my lawn lately but I have finally asked the right questions and got some answers. You see there is elections going on right now and so there are candidates knocking on our doors and sharing their platforms, hoping that they have something to offer the residents. I live in an area where we are fighting for underground subway and one candidate is for the subway and the others are for LRT, which Read more [...]

Our Homeopathic Health Arsenal

Boiron products
Its Fall. The leaves are changing colours, it is pumpkin everything and in my house it means germs (fought with our homeopathic arsenal). With my kids back in school I knew it would only be a matter of time before we were hit with a bug. Halfway through my blogging conference, it happened. My son went to bed and was tossing and turning all night. I thought he was having nightmares but by the time I woke up in the morning to get ready to head to the conference for the day, he was burning up something Read more [...]

Why My Kid’s Car-Seats Are Dangerous

car-seat dangers
I have recently discovered that my kids car-seats are dangerous. I would have never thought this before, but recent circumstances have made me think twice. I had finished a fantabulous weekend at a blogging conference, I did a beautiful event with a bunch of bloggers for Halloween, that my kids got to participate in. And after all of this wonderfulness, I fell into a 24 hour slumber with strep throat. If you have ever had strep throat you know that it is horrible, but having strep while pregnant, Read more [...]

My Period Adventure

o.b. tampons
Rag, time of the month, or your Aunt Flo, they are all slang for your period. I know this is a touchy subject (and the last thing you want to do is be touched when you're on it) so I will make this as pain-free as I can. Around the age of 11(ish), my "Aunt Flo" started coming to visit regularly. I was not brave enough to tell my mom but not stupid enough to not know what was happening. As an avid reader I had a small understanding of the "wonderful" change my body was going through. I was pleasantly Read more [...]

No Tears For My Father

quote on grief
My biological father may have made me in the scientific way, half of my genetic makeup comes from him, and I may have some behaviour that comes from his gene pool, but I will not cry now for his passing. He left me a long time ago. I have spent the better part of my childhood brooding and crying over his absence. I have dealt with the daddy issues that have plagued 17 years of my life for way too long. I have missed out on so much good in life because I wouldn't let myself enjoy it over some weird Read more [...]

Feeling Beautiful With Gleam by Melanie Mills

image of gleam by Melanie Mills
Sometimes I want to feel beautiful, especially when there is crap happening in my day-to-day life, I want to brush my hair (and possibly teeth), put on a nice outfit (not sweatpants), and put my face on. These past couple of weeks I seem to have been stomped on a few too many times, and I decided that tonight I was going to take the situation into my hands. I can say that I have not been having many pretty days and I think my husband may be more than sick of seeing me switch between the same Read more [...]