The Strong Female Lead in My Daughters Book + Giveaway

When I found out I was having a girl I was not impressed. I was always a tomboy so having a girl was a little intimidating as I am not really into the hair and makeup stuff. I prefer the dirt and building things with my hands so I promised myself that I would teach my girl all that I knew and pass her on to her aunts and grandmas for everything else. I do everything in my power to let my little girls know they can do anything. They get treated the same as the boys, actually, they get treated a bit tougher because I want them to be strong, smart, and talented. So far one of my girls seems to be a tomboy and the other one will only wear dresses, either way, they are both up for anything and I am more than happy to let them… View Post

Learning Over The Summer Break + #OokaReads Twitter Party

Do you make your kids learn during Summer Break? If you were around last summer you may have seen the pics on social media of my kids crying while doing workbooks. Probably not one of our best moments but is one that paid off. When September came around and the kids went back to school there was no awkward transition period and they had a basic understanding of some of the new concepts they were learning.  We could never bring the success of our workbooks over to reading because the kids are as slow as m.o.l.a.s.s.e.s. I know that once they read more they will be faster but it was a vicious cycle of hanging onto every word sound they would make putting words together. In an effort to keep them reading after school ends for the year we have brought Ooka Island to them. Ooka Island is a game… View Post

Two-Step Approach to Transitioning to the Sippy Cup

It’s getting hot in here…like all of a sudden winter disappeared and the warm weather is upon us. Early morning walks with the dog have me opening my eyes and ears to all of the buzzing (literally) in my neighbourhood. This is the kind of weather a girl can get used to and one that demands daily walks to the park…where it is HOT! I am going to admit to not taking my kids bottles away at one…or two…or to be completely honest I won’t take it away at three either. I’m a strong believer that kids eventually grow out of things when they are ready. My 1-year-old son wants nothing to do with my boobs anymore–he legit gives me dirty looks when I try to take the lazy way out and breastfeed him. My 2-year-old girl though is still on the boob at night with no signs of stopping.… View Post

Netflix Helps With The Hard Conversations

Parenting is hard work, don’t let these posts on social media fool you. As a blogger I share a lot about my life but I also filter a lot out of respect for my family and kids. It’s hard to pinpoint where to draw the line but I like to share what I think would help other parents in my situations. I hope it is enough and yet I pray it is not too much. I am blessed with four fantastic kids, I know we all think our kids are the greatest but to me, mine are doing A-OK. I parent them with honesty and a little bit of lies and they know what is expected of them. I try to instill in them a lot of right and just enough wrong to keep them interesting. I am a stickler for inclusion though and these little buggers know it. I’m… View Post

How May Long Weekend has Changed Over the Years & Some Ideas on What to do

If we were to go back a decade my May long weekend would have looked a lot different than it does right now. For one, I would have been making plans for weeks now and been on the lookout for a cottage in Wasaga. May 2-4 was the inaugural start of summer, always will be, but things look different now. Needless to say, I think sipping whiskey and coke while writing this post is a lot more relaxing and man I am too tired to party like I used too. Having kids lets you enjoy the little things in life like visits to the park and BBQs with the family. I wouldn’t change what I got now for the world and I am glad my May two-four will focus on them and us as a team. May Long Weekend – The Unofficial Start of Summer Often, the May long weekend… View Post