Enjoying the Outdoors With Banana Boat

I am horrible in remembering to put on sunscreen but thankfully I have some pretty smart kids who remind me every time I forget. Although I think its annoying at times to have my little people always point out where I am failing I am glad they have the common sense to do it, even if I forget. Now that the warm weather is here we spend our days travelling from parks to beaches to attractions I need to bring my A-game. Banana Boat® SunComfort™ The kids and I got to try out a new product from Banana Boat this past week. Trying to get four kids slathered in sunscreen while all they want to do is go and play is a hassle, probably one of the reasons it’s not one of my favourite things to do.  New photo by Aneta Alaei (Home With Aneta) / Google Photos Coming in… View Post

Backyard Fun + #CTWOWGuide Twitter Party June 22 @ 8 PM

 Join Canadian Tire and Monica Hibbs this Wednesday, June 22nd @ 8PM for the #CTWOWGuide Twitter Party. Celebrating the beginning of Summer and all of the great backyard fun ideas in the WOW Guide this party will help you plan your summer accordingly. Come the warm Summer months I am a stickler for the outdoors. Living in Toronto it is difficult to find a house that has a good outdoor space. When we found ours we decided to buy a fixer-upper in exchange for a  large yard I could see the kids play in from the kitchen. It was the best investment we made. This year we are taking up a big undertaking by moving our shed to the corner of the yard and finally getting our garden working for us. I’m also looking for the perfect patio set for our set-up. Once everything is all moved around and set… View Post

Schick Hydro® 5 Disposable Razor {Rate & Review}

My handsome significant other is also blessed with the ability to grow a beard almost overnight. Thanks to his Iranian genes he has dark, thick and course hair that albeit impressive, is scratchy on my soft skin. Getting kisses from this guy can sometimes come with more “ouch” than “swoon”. Although he should be shaving daily his skin is so sensitive that he sometimes goes weeks in between shaves. I much prefer him to look baby-faced and beard free so when an opportunity to check out the new Schick Hydro® 5 disposable razors I jumped on it.  After making him grow out his man-beard for a few days (not easy in this hot weather) I finally allowed him to shave. He *may* not have been excited with the audience but he was happy to finally be able to shave. Schick Hydro® 5 These are not your old-school razors from when I… View Post

Getting the Boss the Boss To Go Plus

As my husband and I are getting older we have started to focus on our health a little more. Where I struggle to lose weight my husband struggles to gain weight. He is the epitome of a healthy guy and has to do one workout to bring his 7-pack (I know weird there is only 7) to its full glory. No matter how naturally fit he is he still needs to be healthy on the inside and we have come to the realisation that our health depends greatly on what we put into it. This Father’s Day I got some help from Breville Canada for a gift that keeps on giving long after this weekend. Breville Boss To Go Plus This week we got the Breville Boss To Go™ Plus (ARV $300) delivered to our door. Although hubby was not initially impressed with a mini blender I knew I could… View Post

Share Your Opinion & Be Rewarded For It

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ipsos. All opinions are 100% mine. You all know I have opinions about everything but have you ever wondered how products hit the market? Like the process that has to happen and who decides that something is needed and will be purchased? There are a lot of people involved, but did you know that regular ol people like you and I are an important part of the process? I want to say I knew 100%, but I admit I did not. I often see a product on the shelves and think, “who buys this stuff?”, and sometimes I need something and wonder why no one has made it yet. I have recently been introduced to something that will allow you to share your opinion with those who will listen: the decision makers. IPSOS i-Say The Ipsos i-Say program lets you take surveys… View Post