My Period Adventure

o.b. tampons
Rag, time of the month, or your Aunt Flo, they are all slang for your period. I know this is a touchy subject (and the last thing you want to do is be touched when you're on it) so I will make this as pain-free as I can. Around the age of 11(ish), my "Aunt Flo" started coming to visit regularly. I was not brave enough to tell my mom but not stupid enough to not know what was happening. As an avid reader I had a small understanding of the "wonderful" change my body was going through. I was pleasantly Read more [...]

No Tears For My Father

quote on grief
My biological father may have made me in the scientific way, half of my genetic makeup comes from him, and I may have some behaviour that comes from his gene pool, but I will not cry now for his passing. He left me a long time ago. I have spent the better part of my childhood brooding and crying over his absence. I have dealt with the daddy issues that have plagued 17 years of my life for way too long. I have missed out on so much good in life because I wouldn't let myself enjoy it over some weird Read more [...]

Feeling Beautiful With Gleam by Melanie Mills

image of gleam by Melanie Mills
Sometimes I want to feel beautiful, especially when there is crap happening in my day-to-day life, I want to brush my hair (and possibly teeth), put on a nice outfit (not sweatpants), and put my face on. These past couple of weeks I seem to have been stomped on a few too many times, and I decided that tonight I was going to take the situation into my hands. I can say that I have not been having many pretty days and I think my husband may be more than sick of seeing me switch between the same Read more [...]

I Will Never Write About My Husbands Man-Parts…Again

picture of conversation with tech support
I may have been screwing around one night and written a post title about my husband's "man-part" and hit the publish button. I was in the process of figuring out WordPress, laughing with my husband, and changing over my site from a different format these past couple of weeks and just wanted to know where a post would end up (which page). After I saw, I pressed delete and simply forgot about it, until last night when I asked my sister and a few other bloggers to go through my page before I made Read more [...]

Welcome to the New Home With Aneta

White and pink rose
It has been a long time coming and thankfully I took the plunge (with the help of Jessica from 4theloveofmommy) and moved my blog over to WordPress. So I hope you all bear with me in the coming weeks as I fine tune the page and go through my old posts and decide what to transfer over. I was originally going to do all of the moving before I transferred sites but with so much on my plate I want to blog and talk and interact with my readers. I am going through writer's withdrawal and I need Read more [...]

Delicious Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad
This quinoa salad is so fresh and delicious, perfect for a dinner party at home or picnic in the park. A few months ago I had some family over for a bbq and needed something healthy to make for a guest with dietary restrictions. I had parsley growing and thought I would whip up a quick tabouleh salad but after searching my cupboards for bulgar, I remembered I threw it out. So then I decided to use tri-colour quinoa instead and improvised a bit, and what came about is just delicious. Fresh Read more [...]

#DIY Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Pumpkin Spice
I didn't always love pumpkin, it actually decided to take over my brain last year when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter. I couldn't justify driving to get that expensive delicious Latte that was so sweet it almost put me in a coma, so I made my husband walk for an hour each way so that I could indulge. We only had to do this two times before my daughter decided to evacuate my uterus. I had to get one more fix in before I had her though, so I remember standing in Read more [...]

Best Jamaican Curry Goat

How to make curry goat
Best Jamaican curry goat ever. I like to serve it with fresh bread so I can dip it into the sauce, Yum! There are some foods that I would travel far and wide to eat, and a great Jamaican curry got is one of them. My husband and I have been known to drive for over an hour for a good dish and with 3 kids I started to ask around for a recipe so that we could make it at home. I must remind you, I am not a professional chef, just a lover of food that loves to share her recipes with other. After Read more [...]